A Little Crooked History

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    Once Upon A Time

    In 2012 I began selling my artwork at a weekly market stall in Herne Hill, South London. I chose the name 'The Crooked Style' for my new business as my work is primarily influenced by the power of folk lore and fairy tales. It turned out to be a very fitting name, especially as my work has often been described as darkly quirky and whimsical.

    From 2012 through to 2018 I sold hand painted picture frames and boxes alongside giclée prints of my illustrations and handmade cards. I soon added jewellery to the range by setting my images under glass domes and applying them to pendant trays, earrings and brooches. I also sold my work through a variety of independent shops and at one-off craft fairs and events. I do still sell a small selection of my work here on my website shop.

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      From Market to Publishing

      In 2015 I was approached by the author and filmaker Sarah Gray to illustrate her first book of short stories. We found that we had many similar likes and influences and our collaboration proved to be a perfect fit. I have since gone on to illustrate more books for Sarah, for other authors and also clients for online magazines and individual projects. I would like to develop this aspect of my career further, as well as write and illustrate my own books. My dream would be to develop one of my stories into an animated film. In 2021, the rights to Sarah's books were sold to  American Publishers Mercuria press. I am delighted to say that I have been commissioned to create extra artwork for the new edition. The US version of Urban Creatures will be published in July 2022.