Surface Tension

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"Sarah writes beautifully and the sense of foreboding or unease is brilliantly conveyed. I've never read anything quite like it, although I'd suggest echoes of Mary Shelley or Edgar Allan Poe."

Clare Balding - Award winning broadcaster, journalist and author.

Surface Tension by Sarah Gray

Surface Tension is a unique collection of dark tales that delves deep into the undercurrents of human psychology. 

Ghosts, heavenly creatures and magic-beings haunt the characters bringing messages of warning or redemption. 

*This edition of Surface Tension is currently out of print, but is due for re-publication in 2024 by Mercuria Press. With new stories, illustrations and a different format, the US Version of Surface Tension will be retitled, "Against The Sun". More details to follow !.

If you would like more information about Sarah, please visit Sarah's website - Racontesse