Urban Creatures - US Edition

“Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, Urban Creatures takes you to dark places while reassuring you that you're not alone."

Zack Davisson, award-winning translator and author of Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats Of Japan & Yurei: The Japanese Ghost

Urban Creatures by Sarah Gray

Urban survival makes creatures of us all. Clamouring for love, terrified of boredom and anxious for success, we fight a futile battle.
Urban Creatures is a quirky collection of dark tales, recounted with wit, imagination and menace. 

Urban Creatures is the third book in Sarah Gray's trilogy of  psychological spooky tales. Originally published for the UK market in 2020, the rights to the trilogy of  Sarah's books have been bought by US Publishers, Mercuria Press. With extra stories, illustrations and a new format, this  edition of Urban Creatures is available for presale in July 2022.

For more news please visit Sarah's website Racontesse and to order this edition please go to the Mercuria Press website. You can also pre-order Urban Creatures via Amazon UK