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About My Work

My work is inspired by the generations of artists and storytellers who have kept our folklore, fairytales and urban legends alive. I am drawn to their fantastical worlds, where the ordinary and mundane, interweave with the extraordinary and supernatural. We all need a space to explore those moments when our deep seated fears and basic human instincts are  challenged and confronted within the safety and confines of these narratives. In the wise words of  our ancestors, " if there is a way into the wood, there is also a way out".


The seeds were sown at an early age by my maternal grandmother, who loved nothing more than to give us a polo mint (before bed time and after cleaning teeth) and regale us with stories of her youth. She was incredibly superstitious and prone to resort to her store of old wives tales. We were told to "never do your laundry on New Years Day or you will wash someone out of the family", or to "never give gloves as a gift or you will fall out". I still dare not do either of these things for fear of the consequences.

However, she really did instill a love of stories and myths in me, which I continue to explore. My work sometimes strays from these themes, but I usually find myself drawn back to the forest.

Alodie Fielding 2020